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GALIL MEDICAL LAUNCHES NEW FAMILY OF CRYOABLATION NEEDLES Arden Hills, MN—DATE October 5, 2015 — Galil Medical, the global leader in interventional oncology cryoablation technolo…

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Client Testimonials

I wanted it all out of the way as quickly as possible so that I could get back to work! I chose cryoablation because it was minimally invasive and there was a good chance that my renal [kidney] function could be preserved. .


Galil Medical is committed to pursuing quality in every aspect of our business. This is achieved through:

  • Implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) that is effective and compliant with applicable regulatory and statutory requirements,
  • Assuring that the QMS is effectively deployed throughout the organization,
  • Monitoring the QMS for continued effectiveness and opportunities for improvement,
  • Establishing and executing Quality Objectives that reflect the QMS and are aligned with overall business strategies,
  • Assuring that employees understand the importance of meeting customer, regulatory, and statutory requirements,
  • Setting the expectation that quality is the responsibility of each employee.

As a result Galil Medical is able to develop, produce, deliver, and support safe and effective products that satisfy the requirements of our customers and enhance the lives of their patients.


Galil Medical is a global leader in delivering innovative cryotherapy solutions. We focus primarily on the ablation of solid tumor cancers and nerve ablation for pain management. Our products address a range of cancers including kidney, lung, bone, liver and prostate as well as several local pain and nerve conditions. Our customers include multiple physician specialties — primarily Interventional Radiologists, Interventional Oncologists and Urologists.


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